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We Have Fantastic Fundraising Options Available For All Groups.

The Cobbler Candle Company

The potential profit your organization can receive is totally up to you.  The Cobbler Candle Company’s Fundraising Program is tailored to help you meet your organization’s goals. 

Benefits of choosing The Cobbler Candle Co. for your fundraiser are:

  • 50% of every sale goes directly to your organization
  • ​ The high amount of profit on every candle sold allows your  organization to earn more while selling less.
  • The variety of our best-selling fragrances will please every​ customer and the option to put the candle in your organizations colors will help your group sell the most.
  • Affordable pricing for an exceptional product!
  • Your organization will have the option to give your customers between 6 and 12 scents from our scent list.

How much can you earn?

Jar type               Your cost       Sale Price     Your profit

16 oz. Jar                $6.50           $13.00            $6.50

8 oz. Jar                 $4.50             $9.00            $4.50

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